Innovative washing solutions

Multiwasher has been designed in a cabinet format, which allows for the complete control of washing processes.

Its state-of-the-art technology ensures efficient and sustainable washing, based on optimized processes that not only guarantee disinfection, but also save energy and resources.

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Multiwasher is a washing appliance for the food industry that solves disinfection problems.

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Multiwasher Healthtech is a high-performance washing appliance designed by Somengil for the healthcare sector.

Design and versatility

Multiwasher's versatility allows it to develop customizable solutions tailored to each customer. Various utensils and objects can be integrated into a single wash, allowing for greater flexibility.

Vários setores

A Multiwasher foi desenvolvida para ser uma solução de lavagem eficaz para qualquer indústria. Através de um sistema de carrinhos e programas desenhados à medida do que necessita de lavar, garantimos qualidade e otimização de lavagem.

Food Industry

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Catering and Food Service

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2 000 equipamentos em mais de 30 países.

Os nossos clientes satisfeitos são a prova de que trabalhamos para lhe proporcionar a melhor experiência. Desde a elevada competência dos nossos engenheiros, passando pelo processo de venda consultiva, pela instalação e terminando com a assistência pós-venda; tudo foi pensado para lhe entregar a maior satisfação.

Backerei Burkhard

Head of Production

The biggest advantages I see are in the handling of the equipment and the effectiveness of the washing. Disinfection is essential for customers today.

David Voltzenlogel

Production Manager at Eurest

This machine has really changed the daily work of my collaborators especially.

Thanks to the ergonomy and easy way to be used Multiwasher permits to anyone to wash, sanitize and dry effectively any tools with minimum use of time and resources

Nabil Sbai

Founder and Managing Director Case à Pain

Today, with Multiwasher we clean more material with the same amount of time at our disposal, so we increase the frequency and above all the quality of cleaning and our staff's work.

Regional Interspar bakery King Cross

Installing the Multiwasher washing machine has greatly contribute to raising and maintaining a high standard of quality.

Jose Miguel Vasquez

Plant Manager

It is the solution to the compact space, meeting the efficiency of washed trays and sustainable initiatives... as process owners the level of experience comprises safety, satisfaction and optimism in the daily tasks, generating the required safety to our value chain.

An additional merit adds the centrifuge system that provides optimal tray dryness levels to activate the continuous flow in the supply chain."

Steve Selleck

Director of Operations

Multiwasher has provided a significant improvement to our sanitation process, both with time and energy savings and sanitation security. There has only been one operational malfunction and parts support were very engaged and supportive.

We had a pump that malfunctioned, and the replacement part was shipped overnight, so that once installed, we were back up and running, with little down time. After one year of running full steam with two full shifts every day, 5 to 6 days a week, this machine has provided us with relentless reliable performance.

Pingo Doce

With MultiWasher, we achieved a 32% reduction in direct washing costs."